4 Time Wasters When Starting A New Website


Stop Doing What Doesn't WorkIt’s exciting starting a new website! It makes me feel very optimistic and energetic and I am paying a lot more attention to it than some of the other sites which are in more of a maintenance mode.

However, there can be some time wasters and distracting things that you (and me, I’m guilty of it too!) want to do when the site is launched that hinder you from spending time doing more valuable tasks.

Here’s The 4 Things I Find Distracting

We all have our own distractions, here are my top 4.

Checking Analytics

Google Analytics Traffic SpikeI think I’ve looked at Analytics at least 4 times just today for just this site. Of course I’ve also checked on some other sites. This is probably the single most distracting thing for me personally.

When a site is brand new, you may not be getting any traffic to it at all. Or maybe you are – but it doesn’t really matter because for most sites you won’t need to be watching the analytics. If you’re getting a nice amount of traffic from launch efforts that may be different for you, but at the same time you might be better off focused on responding to visitor interactions from the site like comments, tweets, email inquiries, etc.

I’m not saying don’t check your analytics at all, that would be dumb. But just don’t check it all the time. With Google Analytics you can schedule a daily report to be emailed to you, and that should be plenty to begin with.

Checking Income

Commission JunctionPerhaps your site is monetized with Google Adsense, a banner ad network, you’re selling an eBook or have affiliate partnerships in place. If you do have your site monetized in some way already, it can be very tempting to check to see if you are getting any income from your site. I personally find this even more addictive than checking the analytics, but the fact is that most programs don’t report real time revenue so it is a complete waste of time to check more than once a day, or even every few days depending how often your reports are updated and how much traffic you have to your site. If you have very little traffic, chances are you’ll have even less income.

Checking Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Pinterest, etc.

Facebook LogoIf your social profiles are as new as your site and you don’t have a whole lot of (non-personal) activity on them checking them repeatedly during the day can be a complete time suck. Most social platforms have notification options so try to set them to what is necessary only, like notifications of mentions on Twitter, but turn off the others that are designed to suck you in, such as the tweets of people your followers are following.

I try to only launch Hootsuite, which I use for Twitter and Facebook only when I have notifications of something I feel I need to respond to, or when I have something I want to say. I don’t care if I get another 1000 followers in the next hour, I’ll find that out soon enough when I engage in other ways so I don’t need to check on each new follower every few minutes.

Wasting Time On Other Sites

Image: PCworld.com
Image: PCworld.com

It’s all part of research, I swear! I can literally waste hours if not days just looking up things, reading, Googling terms I don’t know and following links in articles if I let myself. Gaining knowledge is a very awesome, powerful thing but at the same time there is a balance of how much knowledge you should gain before you put your new-found knowledge to work for you. If all you do is read and research, you’re no different than the guy in college who’s been there for 20 years. Learn from what you’ve found and move forward.

Dreaming of Success

Bahamas Cottage Beach ViewI was just looking at some property for sale in The Bahamas earlier today, dreaming that one day I’d earn enough passive income to be able to buy a place there and live in the Caribbean. It’s not an outrageous dream, mind you. This place was $275,000 which by Bahamas standards is quite cheap, and much less that some of the other houses I’ve owned previously. I think it is an obtainable dream someday. Just not today. I wasted time dreaming of the time when I will be able to obtain my dream before I am anywhere near doing so. I should have been taking action on steps that bring me closer to making that dream a reality instead of looking at something I can’t obtain now.

By all means dream. But act so you can reach your dreams.

What About You?

What do you find yourself wasting time on? Do you feel it contributes to your learning and income generation or is it just a complete time suck?


5 thoughts on “4 Time Wasters When Starting A New Website”

  1. I’ve been for sure guilty of all of them, mostly really checking the visitor stats every 30 seconds. Having an iPhone app for that didn’t help either. It got to a point where it became unconscious, like checking the watch and not knowing how late it is when you are being asked. I still catch myself surfing on other sides, when I just wanted to answer a brief email…
    My best solution is to try and set a timer that goes off every 15 minutes. When it goes of I ask myself “Is this what I wanted to do?”

    1. Hi Alex,

      A timer to keep you on track sounds interesting.

      I have been thinking that a ticker app might help also. Kind of like the stock tickers but for analytics so you can see it in real time at a glance but not have to go log in. Maybe it would just be an enabler?

      I also found this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/google-analytics-watcher/ for Firefox but I use Chrome so it won’t be of much use for me. Perhaps there is a similar app for Chrome.

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