Hi there, I’m Mika

In the mid 90’s I started working at my dad’s mail-order catalog business building web sites for clients. I did some side work too. I also built sites as a hobby about things I was interested in. Times were great back then.

After a few years I felt the need to figure out my own path and found another job. In the early 2000’s I was doing relatively well financially until I was laid off TWICE in one year during the dot-com bust.

I decided then and there to take my income earning capabilities into my own hands. I’d had enough working hard for someone else only to have what I thought was a steady income taken away from me.

Fortunately I had previously built a couple web sites and decided to figure out how to earn some money from them. It didn’t take long until I was earning a decent income since the sites were fairly popular in their niche.

A couple years later I began working at a web company for someone I thought was a friend and really enjoyed what I was doing. As I started getting more involved I sold those sites to this supposed friend. That was a mistake. As I got even more involved, it became apparent what this person was really all about. It ended with me no longer working with them and no web sites of my own.

I started consulting while also building new web sites of my own which I have had some success with. I’ve also had some failures. I attribute the successes to a mix of knowledge and a bit of good luck. I’ve learned a lot from my failures and successes and while I don’t think I will never fail again, I’m very determined to avoid making the same mistakes again.

For the longest time, I didn’t feel connected to myself or know what my passion was. I didn’t know where to give it my all.

But I finally figured it out. That’s where this site comes in.

My passion is helping people who want to help themselves and change their life for the better.

I do that by sharing what I have learned with those who are ready to take action.

My Passions

It took me a while, but I have finally figured out what I am really passionate about:

  • Helping People. I love helping people solve problems and change their lives for the better.
  • Helping Animals. One of the most rewarding things I have done in life is fostering dogs for the Golden Retriever Rescue of SW Florida.
  • Food. I love to cook, try ethnic foods and am passionate about eating naturally produced healthy food. I also love kitchen gadgets and write about them at The Cookware Review.
  • Travel. Honestly, half the reason I am passionate about travel is because I love eating the local foods! The other half is experiencing how people live in their respective parts of the earth and seeing the spectacular sights we are so fortunate to be surrounded with. I also have a blog about all inclusive resort reviews, among other things.

These are where I am focusing my life and energy.

My Goals

My dream is to be financially secure – on my own – through my own hard work. I would like to buy a house, somewhere warm, sunny, near a beach that is safe and comfortable. It would be awesome to have a little room for animals to play in the yard and space for a garden. That’s what I’m trying to build for myself.

I would like to be able to travel more and experience this incredible world around us. I’m not talking the Ritz Carlton in Dubai – staying at a small hotel in Panama and getting to know the locals is more my speed.

I want to help animals. The only time I dream of winning the lottery is when I think what I could do to help animals and people in need with those ridiculous amounts of winnings. Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket one of these days…