Comment Policy

Below is my commenting policy. If everyone plays nice, we can all benefit from commenting. Please understand that this policy may change at any time for any reason.

Comments are “dofollow”

All comments are do-follow. I have many reasons for this which I won’t go into now other than to state if you take the time to add a valuable comment, I want to be able to pass some value back to you.

How I Determine Spam Comments & Commenters

I get a notification of every single comment on this blog. This doesn’t mean I will respond to each and every one, but I will be paying attention to them.

Your Comment Will Be Deleted If:

  • You don’t use your real name. It doesn’t have to be your full name, but a fake name or name of your company, product, service, etc will be changed or your comment will be deleted.
  • You attempt to stuff ANY keywords in the name field.
  • It is obvious to me you’re only promoting yourself or some other site/product.
  • Trying to get value from dofollow comments and not adding value to this site, my articles, or my readers.
  • Any other reason I feel your comment is SPAM or not of value.
  • Etc. Use your judgement – are you trying to promote yourself or add to the conversation?


Thanks for reading the comment policy. I hope to see you around,