Dolphin 18′ Backcountry Pro – My New Boat


For a while, I was boatless. If you ask me, living in Florida without a boat just doesn’t make sense and being boatless made me irritable. I had purchased a project boat because I was hoping to save some money and build it into what I wanted it to be, but that really didn’t turn out like I had hoped. All that happened was I spent more time and money on a boat that irritated me, and I didn’t want to take on the water. Well, that boat sold last month and I picked up this cool little flats boat just before the 4th of July weekend.

In the picture, my boat is the one to the furthest right.

About the Dolphin 18′ Backcountry Pro

This little boat has a reputation with those “in the know” of being a very solid and smooth riding boat. I am seriously impressed with it so far. She rides like a much larger boat and I haven’t got a splash of water over it yet.

Dolphin Boats, made in Homestead, Florida are used throuought the world by fishing guides and are even sold to the US military.

Dolphin 18′ Backcountry Pro Specs

dolphin-18-backcountry-pro-1200wMine is a 2005 Model, so the specs might be a little different than these, which are from the current model:

  • Length: 17’10”
  • Beam: 7’7″
  • Draft: 10″
  • Deadrise: 20°
  • Max Horsepower: 150 HP
  • Transom Height: 20″
  • Cockpit Depth: 17″
  • Cockpit Size: 87″L x 64″W
  • Gunnel Width: 12″
  • Dry Weight: 950 lbs. (850 lb. Kevlar)
  • Useful Load: 1400 lbs. (motor, gear, people)
  • Occupancy: 4 people (840 lbs.)
  • Fuel Capacity: 39 gal.
  • Material & Construction: Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber

Here’s a PDF of the current model pricing & spec sheet: 18-Backcountry-Pro-2015.


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