The New Office View (Almost)


New Office View

Here is the new office view. Almost.

As in the house is undergoing some remodeling which has been keeping me quite busy lately on top of my normal activities.

The house, one that Carrie just bought, is a 1960’s 3-bedroom, 2 bath Florida ranch made out of concrete block with a metal roof on just under 1/3 acre.

Across the creek you see in the picture is a preserve which the creek system winds back through. It’s named Yellow Fever Creek, which sounds a little creepy. Not to mention the gators in the creek…

Here’s some of the projects I’m working on:

  • Remove large wall separating kitchen from living room, which blocked the view completely
  • Re-arranging existing cabinets and appliances
  • Install new cabinets for kitchen island
  • Build new 1/2 wall for island and entry
  • Install new kitchen counters
  • Remove carpet and expose the original Terrazzo floor, which is a major PITA because each tack strip nail has to be ground down by hand to avoid damaging the floor.

Not to mention paint (not that I dislike all pink bathrooms) and other cosmetic things.

Needless to say I have my hands full and will for a little bit longer. I’ll post some more pictures when everything is done.


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