Truth in Advertising Disclosure

Sadly in this world we all share things have gotten a little crazy with lawyers, lawsuits and people taking advantage of each other. I’m actually really saddened by this. It doesn’t have to be this way.

I want you to fully understand my site and the motivation behind it:

I want to earn an income from it; enough to support myself and save for my future. I want to do this in a way that helps others to earn an income in ways I discuss on this site by sharing free and paid resources, products and services I have found useful myself.

The ways in which I may earn an income from this site may include some or all of the following:

Affiliate Marketing

Products or services mentioned and/or links placed on this site may lead to an individual or company from whom I may receive a commission for purchases or visits from these links.

While this is not actually the case, you should assume every product or service mentioned and every link on this site may have an affiliate marketing relationship in place as it is not feasible for me to label each link or mention individually. Examples of Affiliate Marketing on this site include, but may not be limited to Bluehost and FreshBooks.

Advertising & Sponsorships

This site may contain advertisements placed in various locations whether as visual images, text or other common advertising formats. Some of these may be provided by 3rd parties and others may be through direct relationships I may have with any given Advertiser or Sponsor. Examples of 3rd party advertising may include, but may not be limited to Google AdSense and Burst Media.

Selling My Own Products

I may from time to time promote a product or service that I myself provide or sell. In the case of these products, I will receive payment from you for these products or services either by direct payment or by utilizing a 3rd party to facilitate the payment process. Examples of these 3rd parties may include, but may not be limited to Authorize.Net, Paypal and Shopify.