Win $25 By Voting for My New Logo


Help ButtonHi Friends,

I need your help.

My super awesome designer has come up with a few concepts on the logo for my new passive income site, which I recently changed the name of. I’ll cover the name change another time, but for now I need your help to pick the new logo.

Win $25 Just For Commenting!

And, in order to make this more fun I’m going to give away a $25 Amazon gift card to one randomly selected participant by May 15th. It’s a quick turn around time, so go ahead and leave your vote in the comments now!

How It Works:

1. You must leave a comment via the form at the bottom of this page.

2. The comment must include either the logo number and why you like it,


3. If you don’t like any of the designs that counts too, just leave a comment explaining why you don’t like them and give me describe an idea for something else.

4. You can comment multiple times if you like, but you will count as a person, you won’t get more entries for commenting more than once.

5. I’ll take each comment and randomly choose the winner of the $25 Amazon card on May 15, 2014.

6. I will appreciate all your feedback and consider it very carefully. Thank you for the time you take to participate!

The Idea Behind The Logo Concept

These logos are meant to convey earning money online from my beach chair combining my passion for working online and dream of some day living in a tropical paradise. (Not that Florida is all that bad.)

Here are the logos. Remember,ย please say why you like it, or if you don’t like any give a suggestion for some other concept you think would be better.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

Logo 1:


Logo 2:


Logo 3:


Logo 4:


Logo 5:


48 thoughts on “Win $25 By Voting for My New Logo”

  1. Option One – Money rolling in on a wave! What says passive income more than that? It also communicates the fact that you are at the beach making money. None of the other options say both of those things to me. Good luck Mika.

  2. Alec F. Wipperman

    Hi Mika,

    I too would have to go with logo 1. Logo 2 is missing the money aspect of it for me. Logo 3 has more of an earthy message with the leaf being the focal point. Logo 4 is just to cluttered, to much going on, if you could clean it up a bit maybe a different style $ and different size it could be a candidate. Logo 5 just doesn’t relay the beach/money theme for me. Hope this helps.


  3. Hi Mika,

    I think option one or two. It sort of depends on what time of marketing you are going for as to which is better. I think one is more directly obvious while two is more conceptual (i.e. selling the lifestyle more than the money). I would probably go with two but either works.


    1. I agree with Ben! At first, I liked the money sign, but with too many “get rich quick scams,” I think that might lead folks to believe this is just another of those. The lifestyle really is what you are wanting to draw on.


      1. PS-did you mean to say “rocket surgery?” Or, did you mean “rocket science?” Combo with brain surgery? Ang

  4. Marilyn Wolpert

    I’m with Denny on this. I like the first one. $ for income. A wave for beachfront. And visually, I just like it best.

  5. Greg Wolpert

    I prefer the second logo. I think it does a better job of talking to the “benefit” which is what the cash will allow you to do. In this case, that is living in tropical paradise.

    P.S. Had to post a second reply because Marilyn and I had different opinions – not to gain another entry. Just put us in the drawing once! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I prefer #2. I’ve worked with (too) many MAKE BIG MONEY NOW! and EARN HUGE CASH ONLINE!!!1 people, and when I see a big “$” it reminds me of scammers. I may not be typical of your potential audience, but at least for me, a dollar sign is also a warning sign.

  7. I like #2 the best. The palm tree says it all for me and like that it doesn’t contain a huge dollar sign. Perhaps the addition of a subtle/understated dollar sign wouldn’t be bad though.

  8. Sherry Kingsley

    I think the dollar sign should be incorporated as the base of the palm tree and it would create a rather subtle effect. (Effect or affect?). Should have looked that up again! If not I would have to with #2. Those very blatant dollar signs turn me off. Sorry.

  9. Kristina Nunes

    Hey Mika,
    I’d go with #2. It makes me curious to see what it is, and an nice “vacation” feeling. where as the $ makes me think pyramid scheme and gives me a feeling of avoidance.

    Hope that helps, and that you’re doing well!

  10. I like #1. The dollar sign and the wave best convey the idea I think you’re going for. Good luck with it!


  11. Marieelena Ramey

    Hi Mika,
    All logos have the beach color but logo wise they are too hard sale. Logo 1 concept wise of beachfront solutions has a start with the wave but the money sign is too in your face and not really representing this ease; it is like those commercials that say money money money. The others don’t really have a concept it’s like clip art. There’s a great graphic artist in Phoenix Arizona Ana Toma’s designs who is phenomenal.

  12. I would say a combination of one and two, the wave, palm and dollar sign. ๐Ÿ™‚ best of lucks to you!

  13. Nancy Eberlin

    You are going to hate me – I don’t really like the whole thing, it wouldn’t draw me in. I would feel like it is some kind of scam. I think someone sitting at a desk with their face in their hands dreaming — one dream is cubicles with people in an office or the other is sitting on the beach with a tag line like “what’s your dream”. Otherwise, I would pick #1 and my daughter would pick #4!!!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Nancy and daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ – No, I don’t hate you at all for being honest. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and give suggestions.

  14. Personally I like #2.

    I’m not a huge fan of the singular pursuit of financial gain. The dollar sign makes it seem like a simple get rich scheme and turns me off the concept. The palm tree on the other hand sells me on the lifestyle, the idea of working to live, not living to work.

  15. My personal favorite is # 2. The ones with $ in them just makes me think more get-rich-quick than I’m-choosing-this-for-lifestyle.

  16. I’m big on #2. I get quickly this is about income so don’t need the $ sign to tell me that. Unless the logo will be used in a different setting without the website name and tag line then use it to get us interested (if we like beaches and palm trees!) then we can get the details on how rich we will be.

  17. Today is the 15th, and the day I am using some super sophisticated computer programming to randomly pick a winner out of everyone who cast their vote and opinion on the logo.

    I want to first thank you all for participating and sharing your input. It is very valuable to me!

    Personally, I liked logo #1 the best as I thought it conveyed the message the best but I did have concerns how it would be percieved which were brought up by some of you also. I am planning to review all the comments again and refine the logo more based on the 2nd concept with the palm tree.

    Now to the fun part!

    The lucky winner of the random vote/commenter is…… (digital drumroll, please)….


    Roger, instructions on redeeming the gift card should be in your email shortly.

  18. I like the concept of the computer on the beach but however handsome you are I think people like to out themselves into the picture and this a turn of the chair to an angled shot of more of a profile would allow for that

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